Caraway seeds

Caraway seeds Caraway seeds are spice made from the extracts of the dried fruit of the plant known as Carum carvi. Caraway spice belongs to the parsley family. Even though often called seeds, caraway are tiny fruits. In the food industry, most people refer to them as caraway seeds. Caraway seeds are also known as Persian cumin and meridian fennel Caraway seeds are frequently used in baked foods. The list includes pastries, cakes, tarts, pies, cookies, quiche, scones, crackers, and pretzels. Some chefs even add a tiny amount of caraway seeds to cured meats such as ham, meatloaf and stuffing, and breadcrumbs. The seeds often add a distinct flavor to rye bread and other freshly baked foods like pies. Caraway seeds are not only physically similar to anise seed but also have a similar taste. In fact, most cooking recipes substitute anise seeds if they do not have caraway seeds. In the Mediterranean countries, caraway seeds are also used to flavor sausages, certain meats, barbecues, curries and even liqueurs. Many Europeans and Middle Easterners also use caraway seeds in bringing and pickling. A small amount of caraway seeds also enhances the floor of garlic and cinnamon and can be used to enhance the taste of broccoli, cabbage, ham, and pork. The dried leaves of caraway plant are often crushed into a powder can widely be sold in health supplement stores. The leaves of the caraway plant can be used as a herb, much like its relative, parsley. In addition, the root of the caraway plant can be eaten — as it is very similar to parsnip. Caraway seeds are readily available in almost all food stores in North America. The seeds do lose their potency with storage and hence one should only buy little amounts. The amount used to flavor food is minuscule. If too much caraway seed is added to food, it can ruin the flavor.

Health Benefits of Caraway seeds:

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    Caraway seeds are spice made from the extracts of the dried fruit of the plant known as Carum carvi. Caraway

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