Mustard seed

Mustard seed Mustard seeds are small oval seeds from the various mustard plants. The mustard seeds are usually about 1-2 mm in diameter and have no odor when raw. The color of mustard seeds does vary from black to white to yellow. Mustard seeds are widely used by oriental and Indian chefs to make a variety of hot foods, curries, and vegetables. The most widely sold variety in North America are the Indian mustard seeds which may be black or white. The taste imparted by mustard seed is sharp and acrid. It brings out a distinct taste when combined with salt and pepper. Mustard seeds are usually placed in hot oil and allowed to simmer until they pop, which releases their fragrance. If the pop does not occur, then the aroma will not be released. It is also important not to over fry the mustard seeds as it can leave a bitter taste. One can also roast the mustard seeds and then crush them to make a variety of creams and sauces. In particular roasted mustard seeds are added to yogurt and served with a variety of Indian and middle eastern foods (eg falafel). Mustard seeds are used in many types of Indian foods like pickles, curries, potatoes, vegetables, chutneys, masalas and even meats. Almost every type of Indian pickle has mustard seeds in them. Mustard seeds can be combined with almost any type of spice to enhance flavor. Only a few mustard seeds are required to improve flavor. In Chinese cooking, the mustard seeds are often used in fried foods like stir-fried vegetables, meat, and pork. It is important not to add too many mustard seeds as this can make the taste bitter and acrid. Mustard seeds can be bought from almost any food store in North America and are relatively cheap. The seeds can be stored in a container at room temperature for a long time without losing their aroma. There is also mustard seed oil available which is primarily used as a condiment or emulsifier. Besides cooking, mustard seed oil is often used as a massage oil as it does work as a good moisturizing agent and is also very soothing to the joints.

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    Mustard seeds are small oval seeds from the various mustard plants. The mustard seeds are usually about 1-2 mm in

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